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TerraClean service in Merseyside

Karwowski Motors is the first and only dealer of TerraClean in the Southport area.
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Advanced cleaning method approved by OEMs

TerraClean is one-of-a-kind and the only decarbonising service in the world that gives incredible results. TerraClean reduces emissions and also cleans engine by removing carbon deposits (which is a by-product of internal combustion) from oxygen sensors and other engine components. TerraClean is approved by leading vehicle manufacturers and recommended by Edd China.  

TerraClean is an advanced cleaning system that requires unique patented machinery and chemicals that connect to the vehicle using high-quality OEM specific adapters. The machine takes over as the vehicle's fuel tank and fuel pump. The process enables cleaning of internal engine components without dismantling the engine. The majority of carbon, tar and varnish are removed from fuel injectors, injection pumps, combustion chambers, valves, manifolds and oxygen sensors.

In addition, we also provide MOT testingvehicle repairs, roadside assistance, breakdown recovery and vehicle servicing at our workshop. For more details on our services or for a price quote, visit us or talk to our team.
Terra Clean - Healthy Living for Your Car

Why choose TerraClean?

  • To restore fuel economy
  • Regain vehicle performance
  • To get smooth idle by increasing lambda efficiency
  • To prolong component life
  • To get immediate drive-away difference
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TerraClean service pricing

Diesel TerraClean decarbonising

TerraClean diesel decarboniser is designed to remove carbon from combustion chambers and injectors to safely restore horsepower, restore MPG and lower emissions when connected to the vehicle, it will:
  • Clean and lubricate the fuel pump, which helps to extend component life
  • Remove carbon build up from the combustion chamber resulting in a more efficient burning of fuel
  • Clean the fuel injectors to restore spray pattern and regain lost fuel economy
  • Remove carbon build up to get outstanding results with emission control devices such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves and diesel particulate filters (DPF or FAP’s) and reducing the need for component replacement

TerraClean by experienced professionals in Southport, Merseyside. Call Karwowski Motors now on 01704 543 630 to get your free quote today

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